Lessons learned from not selling my project or why I turn down $18k offer.

A month ago I’ve decided to sell my project at Flippa. In the beginning of selling my project I was sure that someone would buy it for $25 000-$40 000. I could spend those money on my new project, got good winter holidays and put part of them for future investments.

But that were only dreams and useless expectations. I’ve used my old SEO employee account and posted v ad about selling my web site at flippa. Added stats, set sale time for 30 days and started to wait.

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The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs do with their first start-up

As being bespoke software vendor I’ve seen many start-ups that rapidly spent their money in product development and failed. I’ve provided experienced developers and designers to make a perfect product but their project didn’t succeed. So what was the biggest mistake they did?

They didn’t test the idea and  built project on guesses. Continue reading