Prima Members – open source membership management system

Prima Members is easy to use open source membership management system with integrated shopping cart.

What can you do with our product?

  • Monetize your project by selling subscriptions
  • Manage members
  • Protect folders and files

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Last update: Nov 28th, 2012
Version: 2.0
License:  Free to use/change/edit/sell to your customers*
Developed by: Prima DG CodeIgniter development team
*suggest us what type of licence to use, because now in our license agreement is old license…


Product Management

Add/view/sort/edit/block products
Product groups (grouping products into different categories, add/edit/delete groups)
Directory and file protection (4 methods: standard mod_rewrite, cookie-based mod_rewrite, PHP Prepend, WWW authentication)

Member Control

Adding new members
Members list (sort/edit/delete members′ profiles)
Member Groups (add/edit/delete member groups)
Members Statistics (graphic reports for specified periods of time)

Members Settings

Allow/forbid adding new members
Use new accounts activation / new account wait for approval
Set obligatory input billing info when making order
Automatic subscription for free products
Use e-mail as login
Inform members by e-mail about almost expired subscription before period (set amount of days)
Trusted e-mail domains (add/delete domains to the list)
Denied e-mail domains (add/delete domains to the list)


E-mail Templates (adding e-mail templates, setting html/plain text mode)
Send E-mail (e-mail broadcast, sending e-mails to specific member groups or product group users)
E-mail History (view/sort)
News Manager (adding/editing/publishing news)

Mailer Settings (allows changing the mailer settings using this page)

Changing outgoing e-mail format (plain text/html)
Changing number of e-mails in pack
Use SMTP (makes mail service work faster)
Configure SMTP
Use authentication

System e-mail (edit system e-mail templates)

Members e-mail templates (add/edit/delete templates for members)
Admin e-mail templates (add/edit/delete templates for administrators)


Billing Statistics (billing activity reports)
Total Statistics (product group and separate product statistics)
Graphs(Summary Sales chart)

Activity Log

Administrator Log (administrator activity monitoring)
Protection errors monitoring
Members Log (members activity monitoring)

Coupons and Discount System Management

Coupon List (view existed coupons)
Create New Coupons
Coupon Statistics

Administrator Management

Add Administrator (create new administrator accounts)
Administrator List (view/edit administrator accounts)
Access Level (edit/delete existing access levels, add new access level)
Global Setup (Here you can edit information about paths and URLs Note: Do not make changes to the fields if you are not absolutely sure what you are doing)
Change System Status (here you can view and edit the global system status and offline message)

Security Settings

“Remember Me” feature
IP Block (includes defining amount of failed logins before IP block, block period, block message configuration)
Ban IP list configuration (add/remove IP addresses)
CAPTCHA settings(setting min/max amount of characters)
Password sharing prevention system (allows to set the number of different IP addresses that can access one account before this account will be banned, period in seconds to count IP addresses that access one and the same account)
Additional fields (add additional fields to the sign up and members profile form)

Design Manager

Configure graphic design of website
Main page design manager (allows changing the number of news, products and adding text to the main page)
Page configurator (allows reconfiguring of member registration page, member domain registration info page, member billing info page, member profile page, member password page config)
Manage pages (add/edit/delete pages)
Multilanguage support
Language editor (add/edit/delete language from the list of supported languages)

Download for free


  • PHP 4.1 or higher
  • MySQL 4.1 or higher
  • Apache 1.3 or higher






  1. Upload extracted files from on the server through FTP
  2. Set access permissions for the following folders/files:
    File/folder Permission
    _protect/ht_cookie 0777
    _protect 0777
    _protect/ht_pwd 0777
    posters 0777
    posters/original 0777
    posters/previews 0777
    .htaccess 0666
    install/.htaccess 0666
    system/application/config/.ht_sys_config.cfg 0666
  3. Open in your browser install.php file and follow the instructions you see on the screen


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12 thoughts on “Prima Members – open source membership management system

    • Hi there. I don’t have this software but I can tell how to change permissions. After you upload you files to your home directory and unpack it, make sure to refresh the screen so you know all the folders are on the screen. Click on the “name” of each folder you want to change permissions for. You will see 3 numbers for each folder or item. Change the current numbers to the ones required by the software. Do this for each folder until you have changed all the required folders.

  1. Help! I’m running a XAMPP Apache WebServer on my own computer, and this isn’t working! The first error I can tell is that it doesn’t generate the folder “admin”. I don’t know the reason. It could be that primamembers is just another folder within htdocs, but I can’t see why that would change anything. I am able to do setup just fine, but afterwards, nothing works. I need this done by the 6th(1/6/13) if possible. Thank you in advance.

  2. [Sat Jan 19 03:24:32 2013] [alert] [client] /home/whatisyo/public_html/pmember/primamembers/.htaccess: Invalid command ‘php_value’, perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration Error coming after entering all installation details kindly suggest

  3. Hey, I’ve tried to install this on my dev box and I go through the install and get an Error 500 after its done and I cant go anywhere. Changed all permissions as per instructions still no go. I am on Ubuntu running LAMP and Apache2. Any suggestions?

  4. someone have been installed this script? i think it’s a fake..i also had an 500 error and no admin directory were created..